So You’re Writing a Novel…

Heh. Here’s a spot-on version of a conversation many of us have had more than once, from AWer RBSHoo (David Kazzie).

I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Go drop by RBSHoo’s website, and say hello!

Then go ponder this smart and gentle essay by Delia Sherman, on getting yourself through that first draft of your book.

Author: MacAllister Stone

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11 thoughts on “So You’re Writing a Novel…”

  1. I’ve seen this video making the rounds on the blogosphere. My favorite part is the last bit of dialog: I have a gun in my car. I’m going to go get it now.


  2. @Joe Iriarte
    Oh, no worries. πŸ™‚ Anyone watching both videos would be able to tell immediately that David didn’t rip you off, Joe. His pitch-perfect animation strikes a common chord with anyone who has ever had a friend decide one day that writing is easy–an altogether wider audience.

    Your animation certainly portrays a common trope told and retold amongst a pretty specific tribe of writers/agents, but just isn’t going to cause quite the same immediate sense of recognition in such a very wide-ranging audience. It’s more like an old in-joke, told between people who know that you sort of had to have been there to really get it.

  3. I love, love, love this video.

    Now I want to create a companion video: So you want to start a publishing company. (Why? Oh…no reason. None at all.)

  4. I stumbled upon this and laughed out loud! I agree with comments above about the last line being the best. Great stuff – I will not be discouraged πŸ™‚

    With that said, I am new to the AW community and belong to another called BookRix… they have a free to enter contest on now through 1/17 called, brace yourself, “Get Published”. There is a very cool grand prize package offered by CreateSpace. If you are interested, you’ll find it under their “contest” tab on the front page.

    I am still plugging away on my still unfinished NaNo novel, which I am going to post a sample of on my AW profile.

    Hope you all are enjoying the holiday season!


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